The best Popfest debut was then the brand new band project Zack Zack Zack. They sound like Laibach and Joy Division had gone to the jazz conservatory together and then recorded a world music album. ” - Stefan Weiss

Der Standard


Zack Zack Zack

Zack Zack Zack is Yigit Bakkalbasi and Cemgil Demirtas. Both are originally from Izmir, Turkey, currently living in Vienna, Austria. 
The duo is bringing fresh music inspired by signature synthesizer sounds as well as traditional oriental instruments. They like to experiment and surprise with innovative mix of sounds and draw inspiration from bands like She Past Away or Depeche Mode.
Retro-Future, avant-garde, experimental, synthwave - their music is beyond borders and labels.  

Their name is an artistic manifesto - a wordplay that refers to the Austrian political disaster ("Ibiza Affair") from May 2019, which revealed the dirty face of politics and lead to the government's fall. 

This was the time when they started playing and their first single "Kunst" is the result of a live performance recording in Kunstschule Wien in June 2019. 

On 12 February 2021 they released their first music video for the song "Bütün" and immediately caught international attention. Their debut album came out on 26 February 2021.

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12.11.2021 - the gap: Am Ende unbesiegt – Videopremiere: Zack Zack Zack »Sekretariat« (Manuel Fronhofer)

09.11.2021 - mica austria: ZACK ZACK ZACK – “ALBUM 1” (Katharina Reiffenstuhl) 

23.07.2021Wiener Popfest eröffnete mit Buntspecht und Dark Wave (Der Standard, Stefan Weiss)

23.07.2021 - Läuft: Der erste Abend beim Popfest in der Arena Wien (ORF, Katharina Seidler)

03.06.2021 - Single Release: "Bak" in FM4 Soundpark

20.03.2021 - Bohema - das junge kulturmagazin: Synthsounds mit Twist  (Ana Canda)

"Gänsehautmomente zwischen crescendierenden retro-Synthmelodien und rauen Sax-Solis - Musik zum Dahinschwelgen"

19.03.2021 - LupOnAir: micro-intervista: ZACK ZACK ZACK

06.03.2021 - Muzzart: "Zack Zack Zack “EP 1” (Rennweg Records, 26 février 2021)" (Will Dum)
"Zack Zack Zack, pour sa première création conséquente, nous cède un excellent répertoire. Il y a sur son EP 1 tout le nécessaire, donc, pour continuer à se distinguer. Yigit et Cemgil brassent les genres avec habileté, s’entourent bien et évitent la monotonie."

02.03.2021 - (Pavel Zelinka)
"Taneční darkwave spodek, tvrdá turečtina a k tomu orientální pentlení hostujícícho Cagriho Özyüreka na cümbüs, [...], dohromady tvoří chytlavý novotvar, který posunuje gotiku do nových, vzrušujících míst."

01.03.2021 - music austria: Zack Zack Zack - EP 1 (Michael Ternai)
"Zack Zack Zack legen mit ihrer EP auf jeden Fall ein Debüt vor, das definitiv Lust auf mehr macht. Man hört, dass hier eine Band am Werken ist, die das Zeug dazu hat, von sich reden zu machen."

28.02.2021 - White Light // White Heat - New Music: Review of "Bütün (Bonus Video)" (Catherine Gillette)
 "...intoxicating track BÜTÜN, a song with the distinctively gorgeous, lysergic Cümbüs Saz sounds and engaging lyrical content..."

24.02.2021 - Cold Experiment
"From "Bütün" and "Alles was du hast" for goth and post-punk dance floors to "This Feeling" for a moody sunset, this timeless EP is underground music from around the world."

23.02.2021 - FM4 - Neue Musik aus Österreich (Andreas Gstettner-Brugger)
"...sie liefern uns mit der Single „Bütün“ einen wirklich coolen Track ab, der ein bisschen orientalisch und düster klingt..."

22.02.2021 - I Die: You Die - Tracks
"Bringing together darkwave, EBM, traditional Turkish instrumentation and maybe even a little bit of throwback Tigersushi/Kitsune Maison flavour, numbers like “Bütün” have a real sense of dancefloor immediacy but also a deep richness."

19.02.2021 - Bütün (Bonus Video) release by the internationally renowned EBM DJ Yami Spechie

17.02.2021 - White Light // White Heat - Video of the Day: Zack Zack Zack "Bütün" (Catherine Gillette) 
"Cinematic video [...] draws Lynchian vibes through a retro-modern performance with timeless depth-defying innuendoes from graphic lyrical subtitles, to depict a post-apocalyptic setting of urban decay, isolation, death, and sorrow."

12.02.2021 - the release of the debut music video "Bütün" immediately caught international attention 
💥 feature by @migdroides in his Twitch Mixtape (1:55:30)

21.04.2020 - the single "Brno" was featured by the legendary Hakan Tamar on Radyo Eksen (Mix MOD 174: 00:15:08)



KEXPMechanical Breakdown with DJ Sharlese, Seattle/USA

Ö1Diagonal, Peter Waldenberger, 10.04.2021, Vienna/AT

FM4 SoundparkListening Session with the Viennese duo Zack Zack Zack about their „EP1“, 15.03.2021, Christian Pausch, Vienna/AT

FM4 FM4 Soundpark 01.03.  Christian Pausch, Vienna/Austria

Cold Transmission"COLD SENSES" 02.03.21 (no. 138) – DJ Andreas
This show was 2nd in the global punk chart, 4th in the global dark chart, 7th in the global post-punk chart, 7th in the global new wave chart and 8th in the global industrial chart.

Radio Bluenightshadow / Cold Transmission, Enger/Germany

Weekly Winters No. 91 / Six Pieces DJ WINTERS

Radyo Eksen / MOD 174 (00:15:08) Hakan Tamar, Istanbul/Turkey

Radyo Eksen / MOD 216 (00:29:27)  Hakan Tamar, Istanbul/Turkey

Radio Z – Schwarzfunk, Nürnberg/DE

NBR New Brighton Radio – Dawn Reck, Brighton/UK

Eardrum Buzz Radio – Audra Hughes, Portland, OR/USA

UNIDADE 304 / #1117 | 21FEV2021 (01:02:19) – Carlos Matos, Leiria/Portugal

Radio ATTITUDEFrontière Rock 100% Underground (00:35:19) – Jérôme Croizemarie, Angoulême/France

Rodon FMPersona Grata Live Radio Show 21/02/2021 (00:46:18) – Apostolos Grabovas, Serres/Greece

Debut Album - 5 November 2021

Music Video

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